A Migration Path for Your POS/Retail Management Software

Keeping up with changing retail technology can be a costly investment, as retailers need to have the latest, greatest technology and not get antiquated. Your POS Software provider should have a well thought out plan for future updates that will enable their customers to stay on a path that will keep them ahead of their competitors. The transition from current POS/Retail Software should be seamless so that the only training required is on the new feature you are upgrading for. Many retailers don’t understand that keeping up and maintaining older POS Software is costing them more money than to replace with a new POS/Retail Software System that will be flexible enough to meet their needs now and in the future.

At ProphetLine POS/Retail Software Company, we will even give you a competitive trade-in from your old system to new technology that will streamline your retail operations and lead to: Smarter business decisions, better inventory control, minimize retail fraud, increase customer loyalty and those ever elusive, increased profits. New POS Software does require initial work, but the long term gains are enormous. We have a POS Software product to fit your budget!