Even Good POS Software Can’t Overcome Bad Customer Service

I always use the analogy of a restaurant to make the case for superior customer service. Great service in a restaurant with average food will probably warrant a repeat visit, but bad service with even the greatest food is a sure sign that a customer will not return. People will normally not tell of the great experience in a retail store, but the customer with the bad experience will, on average, tell four other people. Which is easier, finding four new customers or taking good care of that one customer before it turns into a bad shopping experience. All the technology and POS software in the world can’t do the one basic requirement, friendly employees.

There are several areas where POS software can make a difference in the ultimate shopping experience; faster check-outs, being able to pull up customer sales analysis and buying preferences immediately and a gift card and loyalty program. You can advertise as much as you want and without the good customer service, you are throwing your money away. Your primary needs as a viable retailer are to hire, train and maintain good employees and invest in POS software that enables your employees to give great customer service.