Expect Only Great Service from Your POS Software Provider

Several weeks ago, my DSL Internet service quit working at my house. I called support, which was located in India, and two hours later a simple problem was resolved. That’s not good service and I should expect better from any product, including POS Software that claims to have a responsive help desk. When you buy POS Software from a vendor that prides itself on great customer service, your experience will not have the frustrations and your business will perform better. Procedural issues answered promptly should not be a luxury, but a standard to expect. On-going training on your POS Software should also be an important issue to fully understand the features and functionality of the POS Software you purchase. You need to learn all of the POS Software capabilities after the initial set-up training; not just the getting started functions. Take your on-going training in short sessions on-line, which will give you a much higher retention rate than trying to absorb everything in a two to five day training class. At ProphetLine POS Software, we realize that one more frustrating thing is not needed in your life.