Growing Your Business from ‘The Other Side of the Counter’

Many businesses offer their customers a lot of benefits, but do the customers know about them? From time to time, it is a good idea to step on the other side of the counter and see your business from a ‘customers’ perspective.


This takes a different mindset, as employees and owners of a business ‘see’ the ‘store’ more frequently than an average customer, but do they really see the ‘store’ as a customer does. Take a step back, walk outside, maybe drive around the block and park your car as if YOU are the customer. Now take the time to ‘see’ what your customer sees…


Is the outside of the business clean?
Is the parking convenient and clearly marked?
Is it clear if the business is Open or Closed?
Is the main entrance clearly defined?


Once inside…


Are you greeted promptly?
Is the inside ‘neat and clean’ or ‘cluttered’?
Are the employees friendly and helpful?
Are sales/specials clearly displayed?
Are ‘clubs’ or especial events clearly outlined or displayed?


Prices and marketing will get customers in the door, but some times you have to take a walk in the customers shoes to see if your business practices, layout, promotions, etc will make them want to come back the next time.