How Do I Start Setting Up My POS Software?

ProphetLine POS software aids in this task through our Getting Started section and the use of ‘Steps’ to complete the tasks of entering data before you move on to the next section. Example – Departments and Classes should be added prior to adding Inventory Items or each item will need to be re-visited to assign Departments and Classes. Departments and Classes are for reporting and/or Web Shopping classification. Think of a department as the broadest way to categorize your inventory and each department should be a profit center in your retail store. We have also started a section of tutorials that will help you understand what is involved in the initial set-up process.

With this being said, there is still another step that can greatly reduce the amount of time and frustrations setting up your system could cause. Think about how you want your business to look on paper and how our inventory will be organized on your web shopping cart if you decide to put one in.

ProphetLine POS software also provides ‘Testing’ or ‘Training’ data for you to use to see how your ‘ideas’ will work when put in practice. If you are unsure of your setup, add them in the Testing/Training Data and check them out. This gives you the ability to test your setup without creating invalid entries in your ‘live’ data in case you change your mind.