Look At The Big Picture For 2009

With all the news about retailers going bankrupt and laying off employees, you need to present to your customers that you are strong and will be around for the long haul. No one wants to do business with a company that they perceive as weak, unstable or about to go out of business. Don’t let your company be perceived as a bad bet to do business with. Make sure you’re visible, demonstrate strength and let it be known that there will be a tomorrow for your customers. When your customers come into your store, be friendly and serious. They do not want to hear how great things are in your would, while their world is a struggle. To retain your customers and grow your customer base, make sure you view their needs as the top priority and work hard to show your value.

Spend more time working with your employees in learning more about the products you carry and how these products can fit the customer’s needs. Quit doing a sales speech and start listening to your customers and find a way to take care of their needs and meet or exceed their expectations. Do a sales analysis in your POS software and tailor your products more to your clientele and not what every other retailer is carrying. 2009 will get better with all of the stimulus being thrown at it, plus lower gas prices and mortgage rates will add another 500 billion to the economy. The reason we are in much of this mess is the constant barrage of gloom and doom which is dumped on us every day and creates such a negative attitude among consumers. Remember, all good things come to those that wait as long as they work like hell will they wait. From ProphetLine POS Software, we hope you find your niche in today’s marketplace and succeed in the 2009 economy.