POS Software Evaluates Your Customers

You’ve always heard in retail that the customer is always right. Wrong! Most of your customers are always right, but there a few that can make your life miserable. The next time you receive a complaint from a customer, do a customer analysis on your POS software and find out what that customer has purchased over the last year. If all of his or her purchases total a small amount, they complain a lot and they have been sale items, you can take the complaint and throw it into the trash. If the complaint comes from a customer you find has spent $10,000 with you over the last year and the purchases were largely full retail, you need to call and ask how you can take their complaint and make it right by them. Good POS software can give you this information immediately and a remedy found that will keep the good customer happy.

POS software is always associated with good inventory and cash controls, but customer service is the difference maker. You can run a query on any period and find the customers that spent the most and deserve your full attention. How would you like to run a query and find all the customers that bought specific items during a time period and send them an e-mail informing them of complimentary inventory that has arrived and they will have a special showing. Now that is powerful marketing and can only be done when you have harvested the right information with the right POS software.