POS Software With Built-In Consignments and Trade-Ins

Consignment and trade-ins are a snap in ProphetLine POS Software. Consignment items are inventoried, assigned a unique bar code with label and accounting is properly handled when the consignment item is sold. A record is also maintained as to the condition, length of time in inventory, cost and retail for a concise history that enables you to quickly evaluate like items brought in for future consignment sales. When the consignment item is sold, a payment to the consignor can be marked as cash, check, batch check or simply a credit in their account.

The functionality for trade-ins in ProphetLine POS Software is the same as consignments except for the accounting and when the cost of sales and income is realized. When you take a trade-in, the amount you gave for the trade-in is put on the books as a cost of goods sold and the item is immediately in inventory, labeled and made available for sale.

There is also a function that allows you to hold large amounts of trade-ins and consignments as assorted items and then itemize, receive and label at a later date. POS Software is much easier when the functions are built-in and not add-ons.