ProphetLine Strives to Give Small Retailers the Best POS Software

ProphetLine POS software is designed to maximize the benefits you need to grow your retail business. Your small business is your livelihood, a way of life and retirement fund. We would like to think, ProphetLine POS Software/Retail Systems can help you add to your financial strength in these tough economic times. We work hard to develop a relationship of cooperation with our customers and strive to help improve their profitability.

At ProphetLine, we spend most of our time trying to figure ways to enhance our POS software to better enable you to maximize your profits. In today’s highly competitive retail environment, today’s hottest selling item can be tomorrow’s old news. If your current Point of Sale Software does not give you inventory views for all of your retail store locations, you are playing the game blind. Visibility across your chain is vital to keep the fast moving items fully stocked. Automatic re-order points are critical to maintain adequate inventory and to prevent overstocking.

ProphetLine is not perfect, but we strive to make it better every day. When you purchase ProphetLine, all the bells and whistles are included. We do not sell an entry level, stripped down version to entice you buy and then nickel and dime you to pay more and add-on functionality. We build in all the functionality you would expect to find in quality POS Software, accounting, customer marketing, internet communications and much more. Start your business out right and make the decision to improve the quality of your business and life.