Software Return On Investment (ROI)

A minimum return for your investment with a quality Point of Sale System.

If taking a long overdue vacation or just a little R&R and having peace of mind is not enough, try the following equation:

If your Retail Store did $500,000. in yearly sales, you could, according to industry averages, add 15% to your Bottom Line with a quality POS system.

                     Theft and Shrinkage           2%           $10,000
                     Prompt and accurate statements           1%           5,000
                 Accurate inventory pricing at time of sale           1%           5,000
                     Built in sales prompts           2%           10,000
           Retail Stock Ledger reporting, Better turn rates, sell through & margin comparisons           2%           10,000
           Targeted Marketing {Know the Buying habits of your customers & target market}           1%           5,000
                     Web Shopping Cart           5%           25,000
A $250.00 per month invested in support and maintenance with free software could make the difference in your success.

*All figures are based on industry averages and may vary with each retailer.