The Secret, Your Businesses Success, Thoughts Become Things

One of the premises of an explosive new book titled The Secret is positive reinforcement. If you think good things, good things will happen. The Secret takes this much further and also states that ‘thoughts become things’. If you ‘think’ about a new car, it will be materialized for you. Wouldn’t it be nice if it really worked that way?

Imagine thinking you had a million dollars and poof, there it is. Why operate a business when you can ‘think’ success into existence.

At ProphetLine, we understand what is actually required to succeed. Yes, positive outlooks will help, especially when followed with rolled up sleeves and a commitment to some good old fashioned hard work. At ProphetLine, we also understand the value of time and have built time saving features into our Point of Sale (POS) Software. We know you work hard, but why work harder than you have to? Shouldn’t your POS software be able to assist you in making smarter decisions? We at ProphetLine think so!!!

Multi-Store Ordering, Customer Marketing, Retail Stock Analysis, Best/Worst reporting, Reorder Suggested values based on Stock Levels, Sales/Special Orders, Automated Transfers of Inventory, seamlessly integrated Accounting and Payroll.  The list goes on and on. Give us a call to find out how you can use ProphetLine’s POS software to use your time more wisely and give your business ‘The Secret’ of success.