Why Not Use a Laptop for a POS Software Terminal

With today’s business being conducted more from a mobile view, it makes sense to have a POS Software terminal on a laptop platform. You can take it with you to trade shows and place orders on the floor, sell your products at a customer’s site and even tender the sale to a credit card using a wireless PC card. When you return to your store, you can remain on the wireless card, hook up to a wired network or use a wireless router with Wi-Fi connectivity. With ProphetLine POS Software, you can also use the laptop to create transfers or purchase orders in the warehouse, do customer sales orders and price quotes on the sales floor and use the laptop as a data capture device for doing your physical inventories with our built-in stock check functionality.

The best part of all is the price of a good laptop has gone down so much; it is now affordable for any retail business. Make sure you buy one with enough USB ports to handle all the peripheral devices you will be connecting to it. The next time you add a POS Software workstation, think mobile.