Account Manager

Our online applications to control you account information held with ProphetLine

Ammyy AdminTeam Viewer

Our online demonstration and support tools that allow us to show you, visually, how well our products work and answer many questions without your having to leave the comfort of your office.

Drivers and Utility Files

Drivers and utility files for peripherals supported by ProphetLine for Windows.

Service Level Guidelines

Our guidelines for the service we provide to you.

Regular & Holiday Hours

Hours of operation during the regular and holidays of the year.

Your IP Address

Sometimes you will need to know your IP address so that we may better serve you. This is one of many places you can find out what your public IP address is.

Send an email to support

If you need assistance or just have a quick question, don’t hesitate to send us an e-mail and ask. Please include your company name, a contact name, phone number where you can be reached, and a detailed description of your question/issue.

Instructional Videos

The below instructional videos require the flash plug-in, are best viewed with a resolution of 800 x 600 and with the browser window maximized. If you need the flash plug-in, it can be downloaded by clicking here.

  • New Installation – Installation on a computer which has never had ProphetLine previously installed.
  • First Start – Starting ProphetLine for the first time after a new installation and entering Company Information.
  • System Setup – Step 1 of ProphetLine’s Getting Started section. Entering/Modifying Company Information, setting up Hardware, Printer Outputs, Cash Register Security and Options, Menu Security and Terminology.
  • Adding Departments while in Getting Started or while ‘Live’ – departments can be added while in Getting Started (Step 2 – Edit Data) or after Going Live, but they should be well thought out to maximize your business reporting.
  • Adding Classes while in Getting Started or while ‘Live’ – Classes can be added while in Getting Started (Step 2 – Edit Data) or after Going Live, but they should be well thought out to maximize your detailed business reporting.
  • Creating A New Item – This video will show you how to create a new item in ProphetLine, assign the item to a Department and Class, enter Descriptions, Retail Price, MSRP, Cost, Reorder Points & Quantities, and set ‘Special Settings’.
  • Reports
    • Department Comparative – the Department Comparative report shows a concise overview of the performance of you Departments and/or Classes.
    • Retail Stock Ledger Vendor Comparison – the Vendor Comparison report allows you to see how well vendors are doing with stock turn rate, margins, etc. This allows better control ‘over just in time’ inventory management and fulfillment.
  • Transaction Screen Overview – ProphetLine’s transaction screens share a common layout to reduce training time. The video will highlight the sections of the transaction screen and some of their functions.
  • Simple Transaction – A simple transaction tendered to CASH.
  • Reconciliation – an overview of ProphetLine’s Reconciliation (closing the cash drawer) process.