Smart Start Retail Software

Interest Free – No Contract!

ProphetLine POS/Retail Management software is available for a low monthly fee that will help small businesses compete in the marketplace against the large mass retailers with the huge IT budgets. Small retailers will receive all the necessary ProphetLine Software; including customer marketing, rentals, reservations, trade-ins, consignments, order tracking, manufacturing, open to buy, retail stock ledger, true inventory matrix, layaways, built in accounting, IP credit card, debit card, gift card and many more function sets. ProphetLine internet communications with replication empowers multi-store chains with centralized views and procurement. ProphetLine POS software is a business system for developing and enhancing your retail processes.

The client will pay a monthly fee of $187 for software, support, updates and upgrades. There is no long term contract. Client will pay for 3 months upfront and receive 2 hours of free online training. After the third month, they will be billed monthly for the software or if the retailer is not happy, they can opt to no longer continue using the software- 30 day written notice required. Money paid on the first 6 payments can be applied toward purchase if done at the end of the sixth month.

Additional locations can be added for $150 each. This includes Internet communications for multi-store operations, support, software upgrades, updates and usage on two terminals. Additional terminal licenses are $25 each and can be added at any time. Web layout, data conversions and training are billed on an hourly basis.  For an additional $63, retailer can have a fully hosted e-commerce web site integrated with ProphetLine.


We Have Some Simple and Cost Effective Solutions!

  • Design the perfect software for your business at a low price. Pay a low monthly fee that goes toward Purchase!
  • You can pay a low monthly fee and receive everything you need to run your business the right way. ProphetLine Software, unlimited support, upgrades and updates with no long term contract. You have an option to purchase at any time you find out ProphetLine is the right software for your business and subscription fee money spent will apply toward purchase or stay on monthly maintenance and let us be your technical and support staff.
  • Purchase and you receive a full blown ProphetLine POS Software system and you will not get an inferior, stripped down, lesser priced product. Instead you are getting award winning ProphetLine POS Software.
  • The third option is to hold status quo, do nothing and be unhappy. Your choice!

Only a quality POS Software Company with great support can be confident enough in their product to give you a no risk, month to month rate without a contract.


Integration and Customization

After many years of working with customers, vendors, and strategic alliance partners, in 1998 ProphetLine launched its Consulting Services division. This division is responsible for coordinating ProphetLine POS Software with other, related customer needs and requirements. Among the auxiliary services offered:

  • Project Management
  • Application Development & Customization
  • Training
  • Customer Support / Help Desk
  • Installation, Implementation, & Operational Support
  • Documentation


ProphetLine has extensive experience in providing specialized training for customers’ exacting needs. Below is some of the training that we can provide:

  • Implementation/Deployment
  • Management “Train the Trainer”
  • Management Training
  • End-user Training

Customer Support Services

In addition to the standard end-user support plans offered by ProphetLine, a customized support plan can be designed to meet customer requirements. ProphetLine uses different support methods to solve individual customer needs. For example, some customers not only have ProphetLine systems in their store, but also merchandising, personnel, billing and other applications that are used by clerks and/or managers. Or, customers may have their own end-user support desk, and only need backup support. Individual support desks can be designed for specific needs, including:

  • Customized reporting capabilities
  • Staffed by skilled ProphetLine support personnel
  • Detailed troubleshooting history by site
  • Continuous certification process of HD analysts
  • Multiple levels, or tiers of support available
  • 24×7
  • Installation, Implementation, & Operational Support

Installation and Roll-out

ProphetLine also provides other services related to roll-out and ongoing system support such as:

  • SQL Server DBA availability
  • Hardware compatibility testing
  • Assessment of retail/business needs and goals
  • Network Architecture evaluation
  • Hardware needs assessment
  • Training needs assessment
  • Integration Consulting
  • Business procedure reviews
  • Resource demands/Allocation review (personnel)
  • Reporting Methodology
  • Internal Data Requirements
  • Business Rules requirements
  • Application deployment planning


Documentation is important for all successful implementations. In addition to standard, off-the-shelf documentation from the ProphetLine Catalog of Publications, we can provide other valuable documentation such as:

  • Student Guide
  • Instructor Guide
  • Train-the-Trainer Guide
  • End-user/Clerk
  • End-user/Store Manager, Regional Manager
  • End-user/Engineer
  • Release Notes
  • Statement of Works
  • Issue Reporting (Web form & email)
  • Catalog of Publications Synchronization
  • Database Container
  • Business Rule Engine