10 Best Practices for Selecting Retail POS Software

Finding good advice when purchasing Retail POS Software can be often be like talking to a used car salesman. It can sound almost too good to be true. Retail Software Advice aims to assist in answering questions from a neutral view point and give the consumer the information needed to make a more informed decision.

Here is a summarized list of their ’10 Best Practices for Selecting Retail POS Software’ article. For more detail and/or to read the entire article, click here.

  1. Get management involved.
  2. Determine your needs.
  3. Get the Right Package for your industry.
  4. Buy for your size and growth plans.
  5. Focus on ease-of-use.
  6. Assess support and upgrades.
  7. Demand accountability.
  8. Consider vendor viability.
  9. Be smart about your budget.
  10. Plan your hardware needs.