A Good POS Software Decision is an Essential, Not a Luxury

My Holiday wish for you is that 2009 gets much better that this piece of junk, called 2008. Being a retailer has never been more difficult, but there are certain things you can do to do minimize the damage. Cut your operating costs to only essentials and keep your inventory as low as possible on the non-basic items. Find out from your vendors the future availability of your fast selling inventory and try to keep a just in time inventory selection. If your POS Software can’t give you the information you need to make smart stocking decisions, get rid of it and buy new POS Software. We will even give you a trade-in on your old software and help you transfer your inventory and customers to your new ProphetLine POS Software system. A small retailer’s POS Software decision is dictated by the functionality of the software, responsiveness of the support staff and a personal relationship developed with the sales and project management staff.

ProphetLine POS Software/Retail Systems prides itself on a more one to one personal relationship that gives comfort to the retailer that someone really cares about their business. Your calls are usually answered in a short period of time and if not, you are put into the system for a quick return call. You have a choice, call and talk to someone you don’t know and have never talked to before, or call and talk to someone you have developed a relationship with. I think you’ll like the way you feel.