A Response From Potential Client and Answer


I am still researching POS software. Do you have a rep in the area as one of my concerns is service. Honestly I am fed up with talking to someone from India who doesn’t speak or understand English. I am looking for a system that is dependable, can grow with us as we grow, customer service that can be relied on, ability to inventory in the thousands of products and will not crash.


Bill, There is a reason I put my mug shot and direct number on all the correspondence I send out and that is to make sure all your needs are taken care of. Being able to contact the POS software developer directly means faster, more efficient and more reliable service when you need it most. Our support staff can be called immediately when an issue arises and you need to have an answer now. Nothing can be more frustrating than needing to know how to perform a certain task and not getting a knowledgeable answer. If you don’t get your support from the people that develop and work with the software every day, are you really getting the reliable answers you need?

Will your POS software grow with you? The decision you make today will have huge consequences down the road. Whatever you ask your software to do, it should support your growing business needs, rather than add to your workload. As your customer base increases, the last worry you want is whether or not your retail software can keep up with your ever increasing business demands. Good support should be the first thing you ask about when considering a new software company. This is why we sell direct and support direct.