A True Inventory Matrix

The ProphetLine Inventory Matrix module offers a key feature for retailers who need to keep track of styles of items that are ordered and sold by color and size such as men’s shirts, ladies dresses, golf gloves or shoes. It allows you to easily build a two- or three-dimensional inventory record to track the individual items. It is a true inventory matrix in that you can vary costs and retail within it.

For example, you can order casual shirts by color and style in a small, medium, large and X-large size matrix or order dress shirts with neck size and sleeve length in a two-dimensional grid.

The Inventory Matrix makes it easy to track reorder points by each style, color and size, inventory on-hand, and performance for each item in a matrix group. You may add as much or as little detail to the matrix as you need. For many systems, creating six styles in six colors with thirty-six possible size combinations can take hours. In ProphetLine, it only takes a few minutes.

With the Inventory Matrix Module added, your ProphetLine POS software will automatically print thermal pricing tags and labels each time items are received. You can now verify that you received all the items ordered, in the mix ordered, and ensure that each item has a bar code pricing tag or label on it before it goes on the shelf.