Affordability With Service

If you look at ProphetLine POS Software closely, the great service, support staff that works with you and never finger points with functionality that only comes with pricey products, the only conclusion you can make is you can’t afford our POS software. Nothing could be farther from the truth. ProphetLine is the affordable alternative to the lousy service and all hype large companies with comparable functionality. ProphetLine POS Software/Retail Systems prides itself on a more one to one personal relationship that gives you the retailer, a comfort level that someone really cares about your business. Your calls are usually answered in a short period of time and if not, you are put into the system for a quick return call. You have a choice, call and talk to someone you don’t know and have never talked to before, or call and talk to someone you have developed a relationship with. I think you’ll like the way you feel.

ProphetLine is a boutique style software company that is big enough to handle all your needs and small enough to give you personalized support and service for your specialty retail business. Unlike many larger and more expensive publicly traded companies, we have no pressure to meet quarterly goals which can hamper the quality and innovation of the product. When you think about buying your first or next POS Software product, ask yourself if being just another number is adequate or would you prefer to have a company that thinks of themselves as your business partner and friend. Then call and you will confirm that you can afford the best small POS software in the world.