After A POS Software Upgrade, Did Your Peripherals Stop Working?

Every POS Software company has to continue their upgrade path to keep their customers on the latest and greatest. This said, how many of them keep their customers on a path that does not make all of their existing hardware obsolete? ProphetLine is a POS Software/Retail Store Systems developer that always makes an effort to keeps their customers on a backwards compatible path for all existing hardware. We have three printer set-ups which support older drivers for legacy peripherals, Windows drivers, USB and network support.

As a responsible POS Software vendor, we look at this as an opportunity to maintain good relationships with our customers. The idea behind this is to keep them on new, improved POS Software that does not obsolete itself each time we have a new upgraded product. The only times we have failed to keep backwards compatibility is when some customers have upgraded to a new operating system that did not allow for this backwards compatibility. It is much easier to not worry about programming around older legacy issues and write only for new accessories and peripherals, but would we have happy customers?