An Upgrade Path For Your POS Software

When you are purchasing a software support and upgrade package, you are investing in a plan that will guarantee you the most current software which is like getting a brand new system every year. This has never been more accurate than this year will all the PCI-DSS compliance issues for credit and debit cards. With a support and upgrade plan, your investment keeps your software’s usable life good until a hardware upgrade is needed. Every time you receive a software upgrade it is as though you just bought the latest and most current software available with the newest, most up to date features for your retail establishment. The most current feature set ensures that you have the best POS software available that will address changing needs of the retail marketplace.

If your software vendor is diligent about keeping backwards compatibility, then it is as simple as downloading and upgrading. Also product enhancements made for other clients are available to you at no cost. A yearly fee is charged giving you unlimited upgrades, updates, answers to technical issues and procedural issues. Most customers will agree that there are huge benefits and savings when they option for the support package and they will secure the full value of their investment in their software.