Automated Email Marketing From Your POS Software

Excerpts From Ryan Deutsch In Email Insider

“Doing more with less.” For marketers, this is not a recession-specific catchphrase. In my experience, organizations are always asking marketing departments to do more (drive more leads, Web site visits, online transactions) with less (budget, staff, services). While this tendency has caused more than a few ulcers, the positive byproduct has been (and continues to be) innovation in direct marketing technology.
In fact, it is safe to say that it’s easier than ever for marketers to do more with less. The trick is finding the application of technology that makes the most sense for your business. From an email communication perspective, a great place to start is automation. If you are not automating a good portion of email communications, you may be missing a chance to be more relevant, timely and efficient. If email automation was on your list of 2009 objectives, you need to can get started before 2010 rolls around!

ProphetLine POS Software has all the email marketing built in. You can query by birthdays, anniversaries, when things were purchased, who are your best customers; almost anyway you would like. Why run two different products when the correct POS software can handle both.