Avoid Business Disasters With POS Software

I can’t remember how many times I have had calls from customers using ProphetLine POS Software that have had employee theft from the front counter to the back office. They then have to reconstruct a time line those employees have been dipping into the till, stealing goods or embezzling funds. The diligent employer should be proactive and have security tied to that employee’s position with the company. Only give them access to those areas that are relevant to them performing their job at a high level. Every day the employer should print an exception report for all employees that would indicate if they are performing their jobs satisfactorily. If one employee is always discounting, marking down, voiding or doing functions outside realm of a normal full retail sale, then you can spot this trend immediately with an exception report and make the necessary changes. Good POS Software will give you the advantage to spot the areas that give you the most concern and get a better nights sleep.