Big Boy POS Software at an Entry Level Price

Small specialty retailers are one of the largest retail groups in the U.S., but have usually had to settle for POS software that was import this, export that, integrate with this and other technical procedures. With ProphetLine POS/Retail software, all the technical BS is removed and you have a true complete system. When the big boys put their million dollar POS Software systems to work, they have no more power than you do with ProphetLine POS Software at an entry level price.

Your POS Software can be used to improve service, inventory accuracy, product availability, fraud and inventory shrinkage, but most importantly, increase customer loyalty and streamline marketing. When you build your POS Software for retailers and not technology staff, you will have a system that improves sales, saves time and improves your financial position. ProphetLine specializes in specialty POS/Retail software that is award winning and time tested. Chances are if you are a specialty retailer, our POS Software will work for your business and make it more efficient, profitable and at an entry level price.