Big Is Not Always Better When It Comes To POS Software Companies

There is a large amount of big companies gobbling up small companies in the POS Software arena. Every time we turn around, one of our former small competitors is being bought by a large publicly traded company. What does this mean for the small retailer? You will probably lose that intimate relationship you might of had in the past. The publicly traded companies are only interested in quarterly results and this leads to a lack of innovation and a good long term strategy.

ProphetLine is a small to mid-sized POS Software company that works at customer relationships and the long term goal of improving the retailer’s technology advantages. We have no pressure to meet quarterly goals which can hamper the quality and innovation of the product. When you think about buying your first or next POS Software product, ask yourself if being just another number is adequate or would you prefer to have a company that thinks of themselves as your business partner and friend.