But Your POS Software Doesn’t Work Like My Old POS Software!

I would like to have a dollar for every time I heard that line when showing ProphetLine POS software to a prospective client. You go through the whole demo and the client gets hung up on one little thing there other system did and yours does not do. All POS software products have strong points which made you select them in the first place and small deficiencies you were willing to overlook in the selection process to get the new and improved functions. The make it or break it of a POS software implementation is not so much the function of the software as the willingness of the client to change and adapt their business processes to fit the new POS Software/Retail Management System. To try and have the new software work just exactly like the old is a recipe for disaster. By the time you program for the old functionality, de-bug and go way over budget, the gains in productivity are mostly negated. When you look at the new POS software, look at the big picture and the improvement in productivity and financial reward. The POS software you select to improve your business should be 95% of what you are looking for, straight out of the box and return on investment must be your top priority.