Centralized Purchasing

ProphetLine’s Centralized Purchasing Module optimizes multi-store inventory control from one central location. Never before has it been this cost effective and easy for retailers to automatically balance store inventory levels and manage Just-In-Time replenishment with a single streamlined purchasing system! Previously this technology was affordable only to large retailers.

Automated Inventory Balancing

With an easy -to -use graphical interface, retailers set minimum / maximum inventory levels for each store. When inventory levels reach the minimum level, the module notifies corporate with an inventory replenishment request. For chains with warehouses, the system will recommend store- to- store transfers, warehouse replenishment, or purchase orders for a vendor.

Flexible Replenishment

ProphetLine’s Centralized Purchasing Module gives retailers more order processing flexibility. Multiple store replenishment requests transmitted to corporate may be pooled into one purchase order or transmitted to vendors as an individual purchase orders for each store. Vendors then fulfill the order as floor- ready merchandise, notify the retailer with an advance ship notice (ASN), and ship the order. Inventory is received by scanning the shipment’s bar code label to reference the ASN, and both the corporate and store inventory databases are updated with the actual quantity shipped.

Increased Cost Efficiency and Competitiveness

With Centralized Purchasing you can cut costs by reducing excess inventory stock and increase competitiveness by preventing stock outs. ProphetLine’s Centralized Purchasing module minimizes inventory stock to sales ratios by allowing you to manage true Just-In-Time inventory replenishment for multiple profit centers. This lowers total inventory costs and increases your company’s margins!

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