Cheap or Free POS Software

When you see competitors advertising their POS Software prices at extremely low prices, don’t you wonder how they can do this and still deliver good service and good quality. They try to win your business solely on price and hope you never need a flaw fixed or a helpful person to talk to. We constantly replace the number one selling cheap POS software on the market because they only offer basic functionality and bad service. We are seen as a serious software company selling to retailers that have most of their net worth tied up in their business and want answers when they have questions.

All POS software companies have costs associated with their business and need a decent return to continue developing and serving their customer base. Offering cheap POS software says you don’t consider your POS software to have much value to the customer.  This falls in the analogy of the retailer selling T shirts at Times Square. If you have a quarter million new people walk by every day, all you need is glorified, cheap software that can act like a cash register. Your replenishment is taken care of by measuring the height of the stack and ordering a foot of shirts. Remember there is a difference between cheap POS Software and value based, reasonably priced software.