Controlling Your Inventory Through Your POS Software

In today’s highly competitive retail environment, today’s hottest selling item can be tomorrow’s old news. If your current Point of Sale Software does not give you inventory views for all of your retail store locations, you are playing the game blind. Visibility across your chain is vital to keep the fast moving items fully stocked. Automatic re-order points are critical to maintain adequate inventory and to prevent overstocking.

Controlling inventory investment is the primary reason retailers should purchase POS Software/Store Retail systems. You need a retail stock ledger to give you the precise information to understand the movement of your inventory and a well thought out Open- To-Buy plan to forecast your future needs. A well-planned Open-to-Buy program lets sales revenue pay for incoming merchandise rather than having to borrow money. With ProphetLine’s Open-To-Buy, built into their POS Software, you will be able to develop and execute your buying plan easily and accurately. You can now have a managed buying plan, which will improve your stock turn rates, cash flow, gross profits and return on inventory investment.