Creating Reports with Crystal Reports

Crystal Reports is a full featured report creation and development application, although it not always the most user friendly tool. Crystal Reports and ProphetLine POS Software work well together as ProphetLine data is available via ODBC to report writers and/or applications such as Microsoft Work, Excel, Access, etc. As with most reporting, there are typically two major hurdles to overcome when creating reports.

The first is understanding the report creation software. In the case of Crystal Reports, there are many books available as well as some free resources such as Crystal Reports The author, Brian Bischof, is currently working on a book for Crystal Reports XI and has made chapters available online for free at Crystal Reports Free Book.

The second is understanding the data and how it is stored. This can be a major set back with many applications as the companies will do most anything but tell you the data structures. With ProphetLine, we are here to help you. We will typically ask what type of report you are wanting and the data to be displayed just in case we already have the report in our 200+ built in ones and you just haven’t found it. If we don’t have the report, it may be we will add it as a standard/built-in report in a future release or we can tell you where and how the data is stored and you can write your custom report.

With ProphetLine POS software, we are here to assist you in growing your business and providing you the information you need to better manage your assets.