Customer Marketing

One reason many companies implement Customer Marketing software is to build Customer Loyalty. Loyalty comes from managing customer relations to ensure preferential treatment for your best, most profitable customers. In turn, these customers will keep coming back.

All customers are not created equal!

Data gathered at the Point Of Sale can provide valuable information, such as which customers are profitable and which ones only do business with you when there is a sale or they have no other choice. The bottom line is the need to better understand your customers and use this information for promotions to different customer groupings.

The most profitable companies have one thing in common over their lesser rivals: Customer Groups that create more business.

No matter what size your company, building and nurturing a base of Loyal Customers through targeted marketing efforts contributes to a better bottom line. That is how the most profitable companies separate themselves from the pack.

ProphetLine’s Customer Relations module is here to help!

Customer Marketing Highlights

  • Maximize the Best-Worst list or Sales Reports for Target Marketing
  • Initiate Clubs and Programs to create and reward Customer Loyalty
  • Notify customers when special orders are received or jobs are finished
  • Create reports in PDF, Word, Excel, HTML or XML formats
  • Fax, send email, or create personalized letters directly from ProphetLine

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