Customer Testimonials

ProphetLine POS has been our lifeline for seven years in our four retail stores. The software is robust and offers many more functions and features that a small shop like ours does not use, but it’s reassuring to know we can scale into the product as we grow our business. We have been especially appreciative of the technical support hotline which we use regularly in support of our everyday operations and technical questions. The support team is always there to assist and resolve our concerns. ProphetLine Management has been receptive to our suggestions to make the product updates with more features that fit our needs. Overall ProphetLine software and team has been a reliable and capable technology partner to us.

Mary Jane Walsh
The Merry Peddler
Casper, Wyoming

“It’s All in the Game” uses ProphetLine as our primary inventory management and point of sale software solution. We are a youth and professional athletic improvement business that is centered on health and baseball for the young and seasoned customers. And we sell many retail products and services to our clients.

For us, ProphetLine has proven to be an easy to use and robust software application. It gives our employees a simple to use and dependable application to sell drinks, food, batting cage services, coaching services, bats, gloves, sports memorabilia and many other sports related products and services. Many of our employees are young and have never had a job before. ProphetLine is flexible and easy to understand when being used and makes sure the integrity of our inventory and sales are accurate and manageable. We have leveraged ProphetLine touch screens, communications and client server architecture to make sure it delivers a seamless process that guarantees our customers are satisfied.

Although, as robust and easy to use as ProphetLine is, probably the solutions’ best feature is the always available, friendly, knowledgeable, and expert services support when questions or problems need to be addressed. Never has an employee had to have a customer wait for them to pay and enjoy our services.

Dennis Hoffman
It’s All in the Game
Phoenix, AZ

I have used ProphetLine for the last 8 years at my outdoor retail store. This program has handled our large amount of inventory with ease! It is effortless to use and has a wealth of detailed reports that we use daily! I liked it so much I purchased a second system for my liquor store last year.

What I like the most is the knowledge of the staff when I call needing help. They are always available and can help with ease.

Kristin Wilson
Gear Up and Get Out There
Casper, Wyoming

ProphetLine has been an excellent fit for Gateway Garden Center for the past 5 years. We manage thousands of inventory items annually and the data has been reliable and available. The cost of bringing the system online was extremely reasonable and our annual expenses very manageable. Most importantly, the support staff is available when we need them and the team is responsive and helpful. This is our second POS System so we understood how critical good service is to the running of our business.

Many thanks to the ProphetLine team.

Peg Castorani
Gateway Garden Center
Hockessin, Delaware