Didn’t See That One Coming! POS Software Can.

How many times do you see an article in the paper about a loyal and trusted employee that is caught stealing? Unfortunately, it happens every day and the only way you can stop it is to make your employees accountable for their actions. The best deterrent is strong exception reporting functionality in your Point of Sale (POS) Software that makes you aware of every unusual action taken at the transaction level. You will never be able to totally eliminate theft, but you will be able to catch it early and minimize the damage. If you have an employee that is always voiding, backing out of transactions, excessive discounting or doing anything other than a normal,full retail sale, he or she is either poorly trained or stealing. If your POS Software is programmed to automatically print the exception report every morning, you can see immediately who your silent partner is.

Potential employees can be divided into three groups; the ones that would never do anything dishonest, the ones that will be dishonest given the opportunity and the ones that stay awake at night trying to figure out how they are going to steal from you. If you do not have accountability built into your POS Software, you have reduced the labor pool down to a third. If you do have accountability built in, you not only have the third that are totally honest to pick from, but you also pick up the third that are honest if they are accountable for their actions. Our POS Software costs less than a trusted and loyal employee can steal in a week.