Does Your POS Software Protect Your Business From Credit Card Theft?

You’ve seen the headlines. Card data security breaches at large retailers if sensitive cardholder data is compromised. Did you know that your small retail business is also liable for any card data theft from your POS Software? You can avoid high fines and expensive audits from a security breach if you upgrade to a compliant version of POS Software and use a processor that is compliant, like ProphetLine’s processing partner, Mercury Payment Systems.

If a data loss from your business location is suspected, you, the merchant are liable for any loss of card data from your POS Software. The card brands can conduct a forensic audit and fines can exceed $100,000 if the auditors determine you were storing data inappropriately. Combining PCI DSS compliant POS Software with Mercury Payment Systems processing provides swipe-to-settlement security for all your credit and debit card transactions. Make sure you have the end-to-end solution that will keep you out of the headlines and in business.