Emergency Preparedness & Response

With all the ice, power outages and flooding happening around the country, people are thinking about Emergency Preparedness & Response. We all know the drill – you should have non-perishable food, fresh water, battery operated radio, fresh batteries, light, but how often do we think about these before the emergency happens? What about in business? Do you have guidelines in place stating clearly – If this happens, do this?

Emergency Preparedness & Response is more than just a life saver, it can be a business saver as well. At ProphetLine POS Software, we understand how important you business is. ProphetLine POS has built in backup software. Can be re-installed and functional on a new computer in a very short amount of time. We understand because we have been there. The other side of the emergency is what if it is only a small problem? Does your business have clear procedures for"¦

Power Outages
Do you write hand tickets or close down
Do you have power backup so computers can shut down gracefully
Do you have power backups to run critical systems
Computer Crashes
What problems are critical
Do employees know how to tell if it is a hardware or a POS software problem
Do employees know who to call for hardware and/or POS software problems (they could be different companies)
Do you have backup/extra terminals that could be used
Customer problems
What can the clerk/sales person offer if anything to resolve issues
What management personnel handles what type of complaints/issues


Having clearly outlined procedures in place will enable your business to run more smoothly even in times when things are not going as planned. Procedures should be reviewed and changed on an annual basis. Employees should be notified of the changes and new employees trained to efficiently know when and what to do in the event of an issue.

At ProphetLine we understand and can help. We’ve been there!