Get Lean and Mean with Good POS Software!

It’s getting close to the Thanksgiving and Christmas shopping season and with the economy in a state of flux, your retail business must be ready to take on these adverse conditions. How can good POS Software help you? By giving you the data to make good informed decisions. You need to market to your best, most affluent customers. Take your past history and buy the products they like and cater to their needs, not the bottom feeders of your clientele. Encourage your good clientele to feel like your retail operation caters to people like them and not the big box discount customers.

Now that you have established who your customers are and the products they want, keep your inventory lean with items that in the past have produced high turns, good sell through percentages and good margins. This can be easily accomplished if your POS Software has a built-in and automated retail stock ledger. This retail stock ledger can also identify your best vendors, allow you to cut back on the poorer performing vendors or negotiate better prices and terms. Your POS Software also needs a time analysis function to keep your employee staffing at the proper level. The more staff on the floor during peak business hours will convert to more dollars. Good luck with your holiday season and make sure you are a survivor that will be able to flourish when the economy is on the up cycle.