Greeting Customers Take Two

In a prior blog, Greetings – Honest or Duty, I mention how it can easily seem employees can say ‘hello’ to customers and only seem to be doing so because the manager or store owner told them to do so. Well, I recently had another experience with the reverse effect of this.

I went to pick my truck up from the local Ford dealership. They always greet me when I come in (and when we meet out in public) so it is normal to hear the honest ‘hello Randy’ from them. The service manager I typically deal with was helping another customer and so I waited. After a while another manager asked if I was being helped (nice move on his part and showed he was aware of what was going on). I stated I was and thanked him.

Another customer walked in and I greeted her and told her the desk managers would be right back (why make her wonder). Shortly thereafter, a lady employee walk within three feet of both of us standing at a counter with no one behind it. Her response. She turned without saying a word and disappeared into the nether regions.

Remember, customers are people too and even if you aren’t the person that can help them, you could be the person to get them assistance. If you see customers standing or looking like they need assistance, ask them. You might be the difference in a one time shopper and a repeat customer.