Hardware and Software Compatibility

With computers being so common place these days, retailers often purchase hardware and then attempt to make it work with software. While this is typically not too difficult with standard Windows software, POS Software can be some what different as it performs specific tasks and can require/support specific hardware.

Imagine purchasing a part for ‘a’ car and then trying to get it to work with ‘your’ car. No one would purchase a random part for a car without verifying it is the correct part for ‘their’ specific make and model, however, many retailers will do this with computer hardware and then ask ‘why doesn’t work?’.

It is always good to remember that your POS Software is a vital part of you business and to verify requirements/support for hardware prior to purchasing the peripheral. Think of your POS Software vendor as your partner in charge of helping your business run smoothly. The more questions you ask prior to hardware purchases, the smoother things will go. Planning and Preparation are always rewarded and often avoid frustration.