How can POS Software be Eco Friendly?

Being green seems to be the buzzword these days, even for POS Software companies. For us, Green means being able to do most of your business transactions without wasting time and paper. If someone needs a copy of any report in ProphetLine POS Software, simply bring that report or receipt to the screen and email it straight out. A signature electronically captured on a receipt or document saves on paper filing also. You can’t be a 100% paperless business, but most of the paper can be eliminated if all data, transactions and reporting can be accessed from easy to reach and understandable file storage. Another way we help the cause is by building into our POS Software, comprehensive on-line help files and a full PDF manual on your disc or in your account manager. You can pick and choose any page you want to have on hand for a reference without having a thousand pages that you will never use. All of our product and upgrades can be downloaded from your account manager without the waste of shipping envelopes, labels and CD’s.

Support can also help the Green factor. Instead of wasting your time with a complex technical issue, we use an online web collaboration product that puts control of your PC in our hands and a call that would have taken 2 hours, can now be taken care of in short order. We do sales demonstrations and training with our web demo product which gives you the flexibility to pick and choose the hours that best suit your lifestyle. All in all, we are an Eco Friendly POS Software company and we strive to always give you a better software option for your retail business.