I Love New York Retailing

POS software is not a recent invention but rather a discovery to better use the information gathered at the time of the transaction. Cash registers gave you cash counts and an end of day Z tape with dollars and cents, but where is the data that allowed a small business person to grow. If you don’t care who your customers are, I always use the analogy of selling T-Shirts at Times Square when you have a quarter million new potential customers come by every day. You don’t care who they are or what they really want as long as you have a shirt with “I Love NY” on it. Replenishment is as easy as seeing the stack has gone down a foot, so I order another foot of shirts. Good Retailing is not something that comes to you accidentally, but when you discover innovative ways to use the information gathered at the inception of the transaction. Select the POS software that you know will give you an advantage on your competitors that use the Times Square method of retailing.