Is There A Future For POS Software Running Windows XP?

Obviously there has been a lot of hype regarding Vista as the new OS Microsoft would prefer you to change to. New operating systems are introduced and the older ones are phased out, a fact of life and a cash cow for Microsoft. Should you panic if you are running XP on your business’s computers, which are running your POS Software? Not in the immediate future! Microsoft first announced over a year ago that Window XP would be off the market by January of 2008 and then let it slip back to June 30, 2008. There is still a lot of confusion as to what actually will happen.

Dell has announced that they will sell Windows XP through 2009 with a pre-purchase of an up-grade coupon for Vista. Microsoft has always supported the lifecycle of their products eight years after they discontinued their software, so your decision will have to be made, but you have plenty of time. If your POS Software is running on XP, do not fear.