Latest ProphetLine POS Software Enhancements

ProphetLine POS Software has just released the latest version of their award winning software and listed below are some of the enhancements:

After hours processing can now run the Retail Stock Ledger End-of-Month procedure in conjunction with automated reports.

Retail Stock Ledger End-of-Month changes done at a remote location will now update the appropriate Open to Buy plan when they are received at the host location.

Added the ability to make G/L postings at the time of a Receiving Ticket instead of when a Vendor Invoice is produced.

Ordering items for a remote location on a host’s Purchase Order has been enabled for Inventory Matrix Header items.

The POS Software now has an option to print a Packing Slip to the Finalized Inventory Transfer screen.

An option was added to automatically recall and tender Recurring Sales Orders to House Charges or Credit Card.

In an attempt to keep you updated on the latest enhancements in ProphetLine POS Software, I have just touched on the highlights and you can contact sales for a more in-depth report.