Making Accounts Receivable Easy In ProphetLine POS Software

Making the sale is less than half the job if you sell on credit. Sometimes you spend more effort on maintaining the account than on selling the merchandise! ProphetLine’s POS Software A/R Module lightens the accounting load and leaves you more time to concentrate on sales. You can track account balances by:

Commercial accounts, Personal accounts, Groups of related accounts (frequent buyers, employees, etc.)

New accounts may be set up or payment applied to existing accounts at the register, if you desire. In-house charge sales are automatically posted to the accounting system as soon as the transaction is tendered, providing you with constant up-to-date information.

Since special customers deserve special treatment, in many cases you allow your best customers or employees special discounts when they purchase selected items. The system will automatically calculate these special prices whether you use "cost plus" or "retail minus" and then track the discounts that you grant. The A/R module can calculate late charges as a flat fee, a percentage of the past due account, or calculated from the total balance due.