Making Import/Export Simple in POS Software

ProphetLine POS Software Added an Import/Export Inventory, Customer and Vendor Wizard to simplify importing and exporting files for data movement.

ProphetLine POS Software now has a wizard for importing and exporting that simplifies the process of importing and exporting data. This process can be used to import data as a one-time process, when setting up your POS Software, and can also be used to export data to Excel, make changes in a familiar spreadsheet environment, and then import the changes back into ProphetLine.

This involves choosing a file format, the Type of Inventory you are wishing to Import or Export and choosing whether to import the data into Active Inventory or Offline Inventory. The system will remember your selections and default to them until they are manually change. You can then edit the fields you’ve selected, a group, to add/remove individual fields, or all fields using the custom option or browse to a location to save or read in a file, along with setting the file name. When exporting there is also a checkbox option to save these settings for the next Inventory Import. This option will remember where you saved the file, what you called it, and what fields you exported, so that no settings will need to be changed when you go to import the file, after editing.

You can then go to a Data Preview screen that allows you to verify values are in the correct fields before doing Data Validation or importing. On this screen you can browse all fields of a particular record, defaulting to the first record. There are buttons that will allow you to go to the Top of File, Previous Record, Next Record and Bottom of File. On the Data Validation screen we display total number of corresponding items in the import file that meet the criteria: New – The value is New and does not currently exist in the system, Updated – The value exists in the system and is being imported. Note that items will show updated even if there are no changes to the field or record. This criterion only determines that the value already exists. Total – Total number of each set of data in the import file, new and updated. Data Errors: Warnings – Data warnings are values that you may want to check, but that are allowed in the system. For example, if you include Short name in the import file, but one record is blank. This would display as a data warning. Just trying to make your POS Software easier to use.