Merchandising/POS Software-Mobile and Secure, On or Off Premise

ProphetLine was doing Cloud Computing before there was a Cloud. We came out with our first thin client product in 1996, an Application Service Provider (ASP) Model.

The first implementation of The ProphetLine Hosted ASP Model was 70 locations for Southwestern Bell Communications in the Houston, San Antonio and Austin areas.  In 1996, bandwidth was an issue for most retailers, but SBC put a T1 line in all locations.  Problem solved.

We were a bleeding edge technology and SBC was a no-fear company moving into retail.  We both learned a lot from the venture: SBC did not like retail and ProphetLine had a tough time getting traction in the hosted model environment because of the many security and downtime objections retailers had.

We licked our wounds and returned to our flagship product, which had won four Retail Developer of the Year awards and was as solid as a rock.  We knew that security and location of a retailer’s data was always going to be an issue and mobility was essential.

The security of an in-store database and the convenience of mobility is our product model.

ProphetLine Secure and Mobile POS Software features:

Networked workstations that can go off-site and re-sync to the server.
In-store tablets or laptops running Windows 7 or 8.
Secure FTP multi-store communications.
Built-in Web Shopping Cart
Web-based gift card and loyalty card programs.
iPhone, Android and Windows Phone access to company data.
PCI DSS secure Internet credit and debit card processing.

ProphetLine for Windows is rock solid, robust, mobile and secure.

ProphetLine stored and transmitted data securely before it was a requirement. Security you can trust.

ProphetLine’s ‘offline’ mode and tablet friendliness make mobility a built in function, not a feature you have to pay extra to have. Mobility you deserve.

ProphetLine: mobility and security, because you deserve it.