Merchandising/POS Software Success Plan

 If your first question is “how much”, instead of what can your POS Software do for my business, you are setting yourself up for failure. Many software companies can give you a bunch of lists, but how do you sort those lists to give you business valuable information? Apple Computer did not invent the mobile music player or touch screen wireless phone, they took existing products and refined them until they were the category leader. ProphetLine did the same thing in refining inventory reporting with the “Easy Retail” plan.

ProphetLine was developed as an integrated POS, inventory and small business financial solution for retail stores. We noticed that when retailers purchased some systems, they usually expected higher profit margins, lower inventory investments, lower shrinkage and better control on procedures. After a few years, however, they often find that little has changed on their financial statements. While most systems only focus on shrinkage and procedures, we designed ProphetLine to help you obtain the more important benefits relating to margins and investment. We call this the “Retail Easy” way of merchandising. We do a multitude of formulas and algorithms behind the scenes and come up with an easy to understand way to run your business and control your inventory, which is the life blood of retailers.

 ProphetLine automatically produces a department/class comparative that gives you the percentage of inventory in each department and the contribution of that department to the overall revenues of the business. If twenty percent of your inventory is in department “A”, but it only contributes ten percent to the overall revenue, you have a problem which can easily be corrected. The “Retail Easy” report is sorted by the best department, best class and best vendors in order of their contribution to your retail business. Normally this is a lot of work and time consuming, but the ProphetLine “Retail Easy” method does everything for you and promotes what you do best, sell your products.