My Customers Are Not As Loyal As They Used To Be

When times dictate frugal spending instead of the mentality that price is no object, your customer loyalty is much harder to build and keep. Building trust with customers begins with the retailer, not the customer. They have to see and feel that we genuinely care for them and have their best interests at heart. When was the last time you ran a report on your POS software for your best buying customers and sent them an appreciation of their continued loyalty? It is ten times harder to get a new customer than keep an established customer in the fold. Why is it so hard to call these good customers on a regular basis and thank them, ask if there is anything that would improve their experience in your store and in general, make them feel as if they are appreciated?

Sometimes the retailers that are questioning the loyalty of their customers are the ones that have not been loyal. Build your customer database in your POS software and keep your good customers happy. This is where your Point of Sale (POS) Software can be a valuable tool. ProphetLine POS Software has integrated customer marketing that will give you the availability to stay in touch with the customers that do the majority of your business. User definable fields can easily give your customers that personal touch that will keep them as a valued customer even if you don’t have the best prices in town. High quality customer Service is something we at ProphetLine know is valuable and is one of the reasons our POS Software makes it easy for you to give higher customer service to your clientele.