National Retail Federation Reports Almost Half of Store Shrinkage is Employee Theft

It happens every day, that loyal employee that has been with you for years is caught stealing. The only way this can be avoided is through better hiring practices and more accountability in your POS Software and store systems. If we are truly in a recessionary period, there is pressure on your employees to create more income and this comes at the expense of you, the small retailer. Hopefully you can hold status quo on your revenue this year, but improve on all the outside influences that can affect your bottom line.

If someone told you that good POS Software would put a lot of money in your pocket and you didn’t investigate how, wouldn’t you be short changing your business. Good POS Software has been proven to: lower theft and shrinkage, give you accurate pricing, eliminate inaccurate inventory counts, capture customer marketing information, ensure proper inventory levels and much more. POS Software needs to be thought of as a business necessity and not an expense. If you are one of the fortunate small retailers that can afford to lose this additional revenue, then you are in a great market. Good POS Software will help you get to the next level of profitability. The longer you wait, the more you lose!