Our POS Software Is Low Priced, But Not Feature Cheap

We are always competing with other POS software companies for business, but when we are compared to cheap products that are nothing more than glorified cash registers, I get irritated. Good POS software is more than printing a receipt and opening a drawer, it is a means of aggregating data that is used to make informed business decisions. The next time I receive a call and price is put ahead of quality and support, I’ll try to be nice and tell them our price is low, but that’s not what you should be buying. The built in Retail Stock Ledger alone is worth the price of our POS Software.

This single sheet of paper can give you comparatives on vendors, items, classes, and departments. Who gives you the best turn rates and sell-thrus, vendor A or Vendor B? Knowledge to make smart business decisions. The typical retailer is overstocked by 10-25% at any given point in time, meaning that for every $100,000 in sales, there can be $5,000 to $25,000 (at retail) in excess inventory on the shelves. When you start looking at $500,000 in sales, the wasted investment runs into six figures. Imagine converting $100,000 of excess inventory into cash. So please, when you call ask about why our POS software is different.