POS Software and Running Microsoft 7

At our offices, we run all of the supported Microsoft operating systems to make sure the end user of our POS software doesn’t have any problems. I always thought that if you were running mission critical business applications, Microsoft Vista was not ready for prime time. If you do decide to upgrade your computers and change you operating system, make sure you check with the POS Software company you are buying from and check for any compatibility issues with Vista, 7 or other operating systems. ProphetLine POS Software will run just fine on Vista, but we had issues with most of the peripherals. An example on Vista and compatibility issues was Epson TM88IV thermal receipt printers which are almost the standard in retail locations. After much effort and frustration, we finally learned that Windows 2000 drivers would allow Epson printers to work if running Vista, but this is only the tip of the iceberg because of all the other printers, pole displays, scanners, etc. Another major problem was security and the User Access Controls (UAC) built into Vista. We use to say simplify your life and run Windows XP until all the issues with Vista are identified and solutions provided. 7 has rectified most of the Vista problems and makes for a nice operating system for your retail POS software.